keskiviikko 11. elokuuta 2010

Amurin työläismuseossa, osa 2

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ardoiseetbitume kirjoitti...

Thank you for your visit on my blog! I like your style too, I will add you on my favorite blogs! :) Your country seems to be very beautiful!

And sorry for my (bad) english, you know, the french people don't speak english very well! :)

Mathilde ("ardoise et bitume" - in english "slate and asphalt")

Kickcan and Conkers kirjoitti...

Love the atmosphere in the first five pictures.

Thilda kirjoitti...

ardoiseetbitume; Thank you! Very nice that you came to visit here! See you! :)

Kickan and Conkers; Thank you! Those ducks are made of wool by felting and they are from 20's!